Rev. Jacques Andre DeGraff

In a room full of dignitaries and media mavens, Reverend Jacques DeGraff stands out.  His calm and engaging demeanor draws you in, forcing you to listen and understand his points of view on current issues. In a disarming manner, he uses his sharp wit and command of information to dispel the opposition’s case without being dismissive. In fact, he loves a rigorous debate and, armed with a lifetime of implausible experiences that he weaves into his presentation, he usually wins the argument.

Invariably, these wins are on behalf of the disenfranchised. For most of his life, Reverend DeGraff has been an outspoken advocate for economic and social justice for people of color.

Currently, Reverend DeGraff is an active member of the One Hundred Black Men of New York, past Vice President, and a member of the founding chapter of the international organization. The One Hundred Black Men of New York is a philanthropic organization dedicated to educating and empowering African-American youth. Reverend DeGraff and his 100 Black Men brethren founded the Eagle Academy Schools for young boys throughout New York City.

 Reverend Degraff is a sought after speaker and a contributor on FOX NEWS.